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With degree in engineering and working as Software engineers for almost a decade we always knew our CREATIVE calling.


In 2016, our lil princess "AMYRAH" was born. Varun surprised me with a newborn session with an awesome photographer in town. The session pictures turned out to be that frozen moment in time which we still love to look back at. Here began our marathon of  learning about our new found love. As we dove deeper into the mountain of knowledge and swam in the ocean of content for photography, our vision became clearer.


While being in the USA for 5 years, we had the time and opportunity to explore and learn from the best in the industry. This helped us take the leap and make our creative aspirations come to life.


What we loved about Photography is that it freezes a moment in time that is gone forever, impossible to recreate. And, when you look at those pictures placed in the family heirloom album, all the sweet memories comes flooding by.

With the motto of documenting frame-worthy MEMORIES of YOUR story and love, our official venture SNEHA VARUN JAIN PHOTOGRAPHY was born on June 1st, 2019. 

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